Ages Designs

Purveyors of Doll Fashion Designs and Clothiers

Elaborate costumes for dolls have reflected the tastes of society for centuries.  Ages DesignsŪ brings you the beauty of these fashions with patterns and dresses meant to enhance your antique or collectable reproduction doll by costuming them in styles reflecting the tastes and beauty of their era.

Choose patterns or doll clothing from our La Petite FrockŪ line of products to replace a fragile garment, clothe an undressed doll, or expand your doll's trousseaux.  Enhance your doll's presence with dazzling jewels from our Bon-Bons line of jewelry for dolls.  We even offer doll-sized quilts from Grandma's Cupcake Quilts to keep your fashionable little lady snuggled and warm.

We are a small family-operated company that likes to stay close to our customers.  Email us at any time with your questions or to join our mailing list.

Come, explore the beauty of the fashions of yesteryear.


Pattern for a Bebe dress, bonnet, and underclothes

Many of the Bru Jne dolls modeling our fashions were made by BebesbySayuri.

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